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Related post: Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 16:58:53 +0000 From: Jeffrey Fletcher Subject: Parson's Folly, Parson's Pleasure 10 gal acrylic aquarium Part 1This story contains accounts of sex between two people of the same gender. If that is offensive to you, or illegal where you reside, then go elesewhere. The story is was inspired by the comment of a guy with whom I was chatting, who said that his first sexual encounter was on a train. That was all he said, but....I am under12 fuck movies grateful to John who has again proof read a story for me, and remaining errors are entirely my fault. Parson's Folly, Parson's pleasure. Part 1 He looked up from sucking my cock. "Can't we go somewhere that's not damp and cold? mag3 lasix renal scan What about your place, Mike?""Mike?" I replied in surprise. "You know my name?""Yes, you are Mike Fielder, aren't you: Vicar of Trentecombe?"I have never wished more for the earth to open up and swallow me whole. Here was I in a lay-bye on the Bristol Road, a well known cruising place, and I had been recognised!***I suppose it had all started one sunny hot July afternoon some forty years before. I know I was just sixteen then, and it was the beginning of the school holidays. I had been into Preston to do some shopping. I was making my way back to the bus which would take me back to the village where I lived with my parents and younger brother and sister.Alan Arnold was coming towards me. "Hello, Mike. Haven't seen you for ages. You've grown!"Alan Arnold was the golden boy of the village. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he had been the golden boy, he was now a young man in his mid-twenties. He had been head boy at blonde 18 slutload the local grammar school, where every year he had carried off a number of prizes. He had been Captain of Football, and Captain of Cricket.. He had won an Exhibition to Oxford and walked away with a First in PPE. [Philosophy, Politics and Economics] He had also been head choirboy at the village church; and active in the amateur bed 01 Boy Scouts. At school his name and record were still being held up for us several years 60 plus porn videos later. I must confess that I was tired of my father keeping on about how I should follow his example, by working and playing 16-17 fucking school girls harder. I knew John 70 s porn images more by sight than anything more. I was surprised that he knew my name and recognised me, as I was the best part of a decade younger than him."You going home, Mike?""I was on my way to catch the 4.10 bus.""Like a lift back? My car is in the car park.""Yes, please." No sixteen year-old boy was going to turn down the opportunity of riding in John Arnold's sporting MG, with the top down.John had finished at University several months before. I vaguely knew that he was now Doctor Arnold, having got his D.Phil. He was now working at Pladstow's, 12-16 porn ls the heavy industrial works on the outskirts of town. University days had not been straightforward for John. His father had died during his first year, and his mother just two weeks before his final exams. And he still got that first!! He was now living alone in the family house in the village.I turned round and walked amateur porn bedroom 156 with him towards the car park. Our conversation over those two hundred yards was all small talk, the weather and the local cricket team."Like the car?""I should say!""It's my pride and joy. I get well paid now at Pladstow's, and my father left me a tidy sum. I know he'd disapprove. He disapproved of a lot of things. But I'm now free. I've worked hard, and am still working hard, I earn my pennies, but I want to enjoy life. Enjoy life while I am still young enough to enjoy it."We got into the car, and soon amateur dog cock 5 we were making our way out of boyz lol1ta town."So Mike; I presume you are now in the middle of your A Level work?""Yes.""Enjoying it? Do you hope to go to Uni?""That's the plan.""Any idea what you want to do with yourself?""At the moment it's a toss up between medicine and the church.""Cor! Not much money in the latter. Long hours in both. But good for you, in either you'd being doing something worth while for the good of mankind; and not just out to fill your pockets with filthy lucre as I am." He laughed."I'm doing subjects that keep the medical option open. The church aren't worried what you do at this stage, and are in fact quite happy if you do totally unrelated subjects.""What do your folks think?""Dad wants me to do medicine because the money is better. Mum rather fancies having a vicar or rector for a son.""Maybe a bishop?"We laughed."That would be in the distant future.""Yes. They all seem to be wrinkled grey heads, or bald."We were now approaching the edge of town."You in a hurry, Mike? Fancy a spin?""We under16 sex girlies won't be eating until late this evening. Half past seven. Don't have to be back till then.""Okay then. Spin it is."He turned off the direct road, and took a road leading up on to porno 7 y.o. pretten the moors."I hardly recognised you. You've grown a lot. I seem to remember you as a gangly Cub, all thin legs and arms.""Yes; I've grown quite a lot over the last year or so."We were silent for a while as we came onto a three mile straight stretch of road. It undulated quite a lot. Alan put his foot down. The power surged through the car, and we rapidly picked up speed. Some of the undulations were more like bumps, and it felt as though we were taking off. Towards the end of the straight stretch he slowed right down as there was a sharp left turn. In a series of bleach episode 59 english zigzags we climbed up on lord 2 jeans the moors. Alan pulled the car off the road, where we had in front of us the valley below, with a distant view of the sandra set 297 Irish Sea glittering in the west."Enjoy that?""I thought we were going to take off!"He half turned in his seat towards me. "So Mike, how's puberty going?""What do you mean?" I must confess I was slightly free 10min cumshot movies embarrassed by his question."Well since I last saw you, you've grown several inches. feeding time 3 Your voice has broken." He peered closely at my face. "I reckon you are having to shave, if not every day, quite regularly.""Every other day," I murmured."And that's not the only place that hair has now appeared." He raised an eyebrow as if asking a question.I just nodded."Your balls have descended and are in full production. You wake with a hard on every morning, and that has to be satisfied once or twice, maybe more, a day?"I think I blushed."You don't have to worry. I've been through that journey of discovery. You're just a normal healthy male!" He paused. "I expect all the boys in your class are doing the same thing, every bit as often as you.""We talk about it from time to time.""Some are eager to get it into girls; right?"I grinned."Are you, ever done anything with a girl?"I shook my head."Have you done it with another boy, a class mate or someone?""No." I think it was then I decided the interrogation was too one way. "Have you?"It was his turn to look slightly embarrassed. "You could say I have some experience in these matters." He paused and looked at the hills the other side of the valley. "The trouble with girls is they are always wanting presents, are afraid of going too far and losing their precious virginity, soon start thinking of wedding bells, even if they don't say anything. The danger with girls is that they can catch on, and get a bun in the oven, porn video 4 and start demanding to marry you. Boys have the great advantage - they don't catch on."I laughed. "You speak like an expert in such matters. Do you have a girl friend?""I did have once, for about two weeks. When she started talking about the house she wanted to live in I saw the danger signals.""When did you have this two week girl friend? At home here, or at Uni?""My first term at Uni. She chased me for the next two terms, so I eventually told her that I was not the marrying sort."Though I might sex illegal 12 y.o. have been 1o glory hole lacking in experience I did know the significance of his last words. I looked at him."Yes. You've got the truth about me. Does that worry you?"I shrugged."I've had some wonderful times. Man to man can be great, you know." He reached across and gently rubbed his hand on my lower 3 day assault pac thigh. I did some rapid thinking. Alan was an attractive young man. board3 15yo He still had a boyish mop of blond hair, that tended to fall in his eyes. He had blue eyes, and an infectious grin. Did I want to see what it was like? I thought I could trust him; there was never a hint in the village that he 8 weeks pregnant was anything other than the `golden boy'. My times with myself incest father 2 were all right, but....... He had made man to man sound much more attractive and less hazardous than running the gauntlet of marriage and unwanted babies with a girl.His hand fell still but remained resting on my thigh. I looked down at it, conscious of the hardening of my cock. Then I looked up at him and grinned."The idea is not utterly repulsive then?" He gave a further rub."Not at all." I was now faced with a problem. My cock in its flaccid state must have been bent against AN9MAL VIDEO PORN my upper thigh. It was now trying to expand and straighten out, but it could not. If I moved I would reveal my problem, but I knew that if he rubbed my thigh any more I would have to move.He did just that, only this time a little higher. He grinned at me. "Got an expansion problem?""Yes," I opened my legs slightly and solved the problem but revealed a pyramid of trouser at my crotch."So have I." He moved, and I saw he was in the same state. "Two normal, healthy, sex wanting men."He moved his hand up, and lightly cupped my cock and balls. "That feels good." Then he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. His cock felt colossal; but I had never even seen, 16 yo nude sex let alone felt, the hard cock of a fully grown man. I had seen the hard immature cocks of school fellows in the showers androids 18 hentai when we were lower down the school. They were objects of laughter and sometimes derision. Further up the school such things were carefully hidden; 16yr old nude girls it would be far too embarrassing to reveal a hard cock, even when we were all naked in the showers."I find doing the things we want to do difficult in a car. Separate seats, with the gear stick in between, and for me a steering wheel in front. Why don't we adjourn to my place. There we can be comfortable, and safe from interrupting intruders ."I was breathing deeply. "If that's what you think best."He started the car. "There's just one thing. I will drop you by the back lane, and ask you to go along the footpath at the back of the house. Old eagle- eyed Agnes lives in one of the terraced houses at the front, and if she sees you at the front door she'll wonder why, and it will be round the village in two shakes of a funky pee mp3 puppy dog's tail."He drove back onto the lane, and we went down the hill towards the village where we petite tits blonde 01 both lived. I easily found my way to his back gate and walked down the garden to the back door of his house. I knocked."Come on in, Mike," he calledI went in."I'm just putting away some shopping." That was soon done.We stood and looked at each other.Alan grinned. "You are certainly a good looking young man, Mike." He took the four or five steps across to where I was standing, and put his arms around me. Immediately I was conscious of an oncoming erection. It had been bad enough in the car, and walking alone the footpath, I had had to resort to reciting the thirteen times table! My body must have stiffened. "Come on Mike, relax. We're friends. We're going to enjoy ourselves. If you're getting a hard on, don't worry. I for one will be pleased, porno 60s free because I've got one already." He pushed his crotch into me, and I could feel his hard cock through all the layers of underwear and trousers. He put his hands on my buttocks and pulled me to him. "There we are. spy kids 2 toys We can feel each other." Then he gave me a kiss. I had not had a kiss from a man since I gave up kissing with my father when I was about seven. This kiss was unlike the way my mother and I kissed, and certainly far removed from the decorous peck on the cheek of my maiden aunt. There was strength, there was passion it in. I responded. Then his lips went soft and I could feel his tongue pressing against me lips. 1940 stockings and suspenders It was a wonderful sensation. ben 10 porn I tried to copy what he was doing."Have you never been kissed by a man like that before?""No.""Want another one?"I did not reply by word, and took the sides of his head in my hands and put my lips to his. This second kiss took far longer than the first. We were pushing into each other. His hands were rubbing up and down my back, and fondling my buttocks.I broke it off. I'm not sure now whether is was the need to take a full breath of air, or the fear that I would disgrace amateur 14 myself by climaxing in my pants."Come," said Alan. He took my hand and led me upstairs. On the landing at the top of the stairs he 2nd hung jury homicide pointed into one bedroom. "That's where I do most of my studying work." Then he pointed into the main front bedroom, "That is where I sleep." Then we passed the bathroom and loo, and another bedroom, until we came to a bedroom at the back of the house. "This is where we can have some good times together." It was a large room, and the window looked out over the garden, but mainly into the branches of a big apple tree, that was laden with fruit. On the floor were a xxx2minutes sex clips galleries couple of mattresses. Their significance did not dawn on me that afternoon as I was too preoccupied with what was happening and the discomfort of my hard cock in the confines of my trousers. Around the 6yo girls porn walls there were a few upright chairs, and a large settee.Once inside Alan put his arms around me, and resumed where we had left off downstairs in the kitchen. Then his hands came round and began to undo my booty talk 8 shirt buttons. Soon hyderabad sex videos 3gp his hands were running up and down my chest, exploring my nipples and the small though growing patch of hair between them. He g1 mobile porn videos kept looking into my eyes, to gauge how much I was enjoying what he was doing. all petite 12 He then eased my shirt off, and threw it onto one of the chairs. He took my hand and placed it on his chest, and I took that as a signal to do to him what he had done to me. He had sexy girls 16 nacked more hair on his chest than me, but as he was so fair it was easier to feel than to see. But when amputee females 52241 I was in a position to make comparisons I realised he was moderately hairy. We stood there feeling each others chest, and grinning at each other."You like baseball players aged 41 it, Mike?""Yeah. But I'm bursting down below.""Then we'll have to see to that. Now comes the exciting part for me. The first sight of a guy's cock is for me like the first opening of the tomb of Tutenkamun. It's always a great moment."He undid the belt that kept my trousers up. Then he undid the fly buttons, and put his hand in, cupping my cock and balls in his hand. "Great treasure. Your free 12yo homesex family jewels"I laughed as I had only recently learnt that expression.My trousers dropped to the ground so I stood there in my white pants. Alan knelt in front of 12 nude olympics me, and slowly pulled down my pants. My rampant cock sprung out, glad to be free from restrictions.Alan looked at it. "Every bit as good as I thought it would be." Then much to my surprise he kissed it several times, and then put it in his mouth, That did it, and I shouted to warn him as I shot the 12yo nude illegal first spurt. He took it, and all that followed in his mouth. "That was good", he said, licking his lips. "I shall be wanting some 15 yo girl naked more of that. Did you enjoy it?""Yes. But it was over so quickly. I just could not hold it back. It just came the moment you put it in your mouth.""Never mind. You're young, you're healthy, you'll be 12 yo nude free able to do that again in a few minutes. Perhaps not so much, but still a good mouthful."He stood up and undid his belt."Hold on. Let me." I undid his trousers, and saw the outline of his cock straining against the material of his pants. Soon his cock was released from its 12yo webcam fuck prison. It was about six and a half inches long. To me it seemed massive, as mine was in those days only just over five anal lesbian m4a movies inches long - but it was growing! I ended up only just shorter than Alan. I knelt looking at it, conscious of the aroma of a man on a warm summer's day. I held it in my hand."That's nice, Mike. You don't have to do anything further unless you want to.""I want to, but I have never done anything like this before." I looked at his equipment carefully, and then put my lips to the tip of his cock and kissed it. Alan's hands came down and gently ruffled my hair. He put no pressure on my head to suck him; but I wanted to. I opened my mouth and put the top inch inside. I took care to keep my nude pics 13yo teeth well away. I licked around his head. He murmured his appreciation. I slowly sucked another couple of inches into my mouth."I see you're going to be an expert. Let's get down and really enjoy each other."Alan got down onto the mattresses. I got down beside him. He wriggled closer, and soon our bodies were touching from chest to foot. We kissed."The urgency is now over. We can take our time. We can enjoy each other." His hands roamed all over my body, he fondled my cock, felt around my balls and beyond. Another hand went down my back but lingered with my buttocks. He moved slightly so he could reach properly and I felt a finger feeling around me. I had not realised how sensitive that part of me was to that sort of action. 10 age sexy He pressed with his finger and pushed it a little way in. "Do you like that, Mike?""I hadn't realised that I had those sorts of feelings there.""But you like it?"I ben 10 hentai comic nodded."Know what I'd like to do?""What?""Get me cock all the way up there.""No way! Its far to long and thick."Alan laughed. "Not bleach 202 vo straight away. But with 16 y.o. tgp a little care and attention you could take it. It might hurt the first few times; gay 18 but it's great when you've done it a few times.""Have you then...been?""Been fucked? Yes many times. There's something wrong if I haven't given or taken it, or preferably both, for three android 18 hentai porn or four days."I looked at him with open-mouthed wonder."If you like it, you'll soon be the same." His finger continued to move, and I relaxed and began to enjoy it more.We got no further that first afternoon than sucking each other off again a couple of times. We kissed and cuddled in between, u 18 free mpegs and talked. I asked questions, most of which Alan answered. Over the next ten days I suppose I was round at Alan's three or four times. I used to ring him up. Often it was from the call box in the village as I did not want 13yo boy gallery to have to answer questions from my parents. They knew that I had met with Alan, and they approved for he was still the golden boy of the bt4 assault village. I would ring, "Can I come round?" "Yes, come on round." Always I naturist boys 12-14 yo made my way along the back footpath, out of sight of eagle-eyed 2010 fall prada Agnes who lived opposite.I think it was about a fortnight after our first meeting that, as I came in the back door the phone rang. Alan answered it. The conversation was brief ending with words that were familiar to me `Come on round.'"Someone is coming round who I think you know," said Alan with a very broad grin on his face.Alan and I stood around talking. This was unusual as we usually quickly made 1st bi female stories our way upstairs. 1st magazine free pics nude kiddies 6-12 incest He was obviously waiting for this other person to arrive.There was a knock at the door, and in walked Bill Sunley. Bill and I had known each other since we were in the first year at the village school. We had been friends ever since. I don't know who was the more surprised at seeing the other. Yes, we were friends. We had even talked about the delightful sensation of tossing ourselves off, or wanking as we later called it. But we had never done anything together. 90210 sex scene I must admit I had wondered what Bill's cock would be like when hard, and admired the perfect bum that was to be seen when we took a shower at school. But we had never done anything with each other.We stood looking at each other open mouthed."I believe you two already know each other. 1984 playboy jan School friends? I believe you will both be pleased to know that you can get to know each other in a deeper, perhaps it could be said, more Biblical way. 4 seasons condoms So Mike, let me introduce you to Bill, who likes all the things you like; Bill meet Mike, who is learning as quickly as you did."We looked at each other, neither knowing where to begin."Go on upstairs, you two," said Alan, "I'll come and see how you are getting on in a while."Bill led the way upstairs to the room where Alan had initiated me and shown me just how much fun two men could have together."So Mike, how long have you been coming round to Alan's?""About three or a1a watersports four months. I never thought I 4 foot bathroom vanity would see you round here.""Why do you say that?""You're such a good boy. You're in the church choir, and go along to the Bible Class. I never thought you'd be into this sort of thing."I laughed. "Choir boys may look angelic, but they are far from being angels.""But sex!""We are normal boys. Anyway I'm no long a choir boy, now my voice is broken. I ben10 alien force hentai try to sing along with the men, but my voice is still a bit erratic.""But other parts are not, I gather." He stepped closer, and put a hand to my crotch. My cock was half hard, knowing what was going to happen, was quickly fully hard. I reached across and felt him."I never thought you'd let me do this to you, Bill.""Did you 2gp pinay sex scandals want to?""Well, I had wondered what this would look like hard." I gave his cock a squeeze."And I have often fantasised about putting it up here." He squeezed my bum. "I presume Mike has initiated into that sort of thing?""Oh yes.""Do you still get sore? He has 1930 nude girls got rather a big one.""The soreness goes quicker now than the first two or three times.""Good." He leant forward and kissed me. "Do you like that too.""Yes, and that too. And I want to suck that hard thing I can feel."Then without any further words we began to pretten 16 yo undress. I am not sure whether we helped each other to undress, or whether it was more a question of helping the other to undress ourselves. This was done quickly with a lot of giggling. Totally naked we looked at each other. We had often seen each other naked in the showers at school, but now we were looking through fresh eyes, lusting after each other, and both fully aroused.Bill pulled me down on to 1st gen cummins vibration the mattress. We rolled all over each cgiworld oras board3cgiworld other, kissing, feeling, and when we could sucking. There was much laughter, and sheer pleasure in finding we both enjoyed the same things, and could do things freely to each other. After about half an hour during which we had sucked each other off, we saw Mike standing in the doorway watching. We could see that his cock was very hard in his trousers."Lets deal with him, " said Bill.We jumped up and pulled Mike down on to the mattress. With much touching of intimate 44dd pics parts, and tickling we getting pregnant over 40 took off all his clothes. Alan then took control. "As this is Mike's first threesome, Baby sitter 01 I think he should be the 88 escort ecm one attended to. Who do you want to do what, Mike?"I 8 legged freaks soundtrack thought for a moment, and looked from one to the other. "What a choice! Bill your fantasy can come true, I want you up me. Alan, can we work it so that I can suck you while you suck me?""Easy. Doggie fashion, and I'll get underneath you to suck your cock, while you suck mine."Bill 19 century female mathematicians got the grease and lubricated himself and me. "I never thought you'd be wanting me to do this to you. Why have we been wasting so much time over the years, Mike?"We all laughed. "There's a time nude 15yo for this, and a time to refrain from this.""There speaks the choir boy, more or less quoting from Ecclesiastes," said Alan. Again we all laughed.We got into position. I lowered my mouth on to video cum 17yo Alan's cock. He took mine in his mouth. I then felt Bill pressing in to me. He slipped in. I felt Alan's hand playing at times with my balls, and then reaching to play with Bill's. I suppose we managed to spin it out for about ten minutes. First Bill shot his load into me, then me into Alan's mouth, and finally Alan into mine. We collapsed onto the mattress, and lay there for about ten minutes recovering."Drinks?" said Alan."Yes, please," Bill and I replied."Beer?""Yes, please!" This was said very enthusiastically. As sixteen year olds a beer was a real treat.Alan went down stairs to get the beers."Well, Mike, 16yo nude mpg did you enjoy that?""I should say!""Perhaps the two of can get together for some more sometime.""Good idea."Mike returned still stark naked, 1 solid brass rivet carrying a tray with three bottles of beer on it. We sat cross legged on the mattresses 18 and nasty porn drinking our beers.Two days later Bill rang me one afternoon. "Mike, I have the house to myself for several hours. Can you come round?"***That was my introduction to gay sex. That six week summer holiday started me on that way. Through Alan mainly, but also through Bill, I met others like me who lived in bleach episode 188 online the village and the surrounding area. It all centred around Alan. Of the dozen or 70 s babe fifteen of us, most had been introduced to boy to boy, or man to man, sex by Alan. There were three or four who had come into the group through one of the others. Sometimes that was through them being school friends who had already found each other. I think a couple were brothers!We never met altogether. 57mm rubber dics Many 12 girls nudes of the meetings would be at Mike's house. There would be the phone 3gp sex video collection call, `Can I come round' and the reply `Come on round'. Sometimes there was xxx 14 porn just Mike, but often one or two of the others. I think the most that I ever encountered were six. That was a hectic afternoon.The ages ranged from slightly younger than myself and Bill, to a couple who were ancient - nearly thirty! One of these was married. masturbations 14 picture But he always said his wife could not screw him, and that is boy cum 3gp what he really liked and needed. I have often wondered what happened to him and his marriage, in view fisting toy huge 05 of what was eventually to happen to me. When the summer holidays were over things continued, but at a lesser frequency. But the weekends were always a good time! So the school days progressed. The group grew slightly as new youngsters got enrolled, and few moved away, or `grew out of it'.***That concludes Part 1 of a three part story.Jeff of jeffyrkshotmail.com
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